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Fanfic: The Call, Hugs and Showers

Clawhauser had been hopping, metaphorically at least, the past few hours. Coordinating the ZPD response with the Zootopia Fire Dept. as they fought the building fire in Sahara Square had been quite a job, never mind his regular dispatcher duties as he fielded calls from other officers on more routine matters. Life in the city wasn’t coming to a halt, despite the emergency with that awful Volkov character. He been so busy it had taken him a while to realize he hadn't even eaten in the past hour.

Now with the fire out, and Nick and the Hoppses were safe, there was finally a bit of slack time, and he was able to flag down Fangmeyer and have her take over for a few minutes while he went to take care of necessities. Not to mention get a soda from the vending machine to wash down his next scheduled dose of painkiller for his aching shoulder.

In Which Clawhauser is Once Again AwesomeCollapse )

Fanfic: The Call: Night Hunter

Catching up with the chapters already posted to Fanfction.net

* * *

"Hi Volkov, I'm Nick," he replied, switching gears from utter terror to well-honed glibness, mouth operating on automatic pilot while he tried to figure out what to do next. "Sorry if I'm looking surprised. It's just with a name like yours I was expecting a wolf, not to mention a guy. I don't know much Russian, but wouldn't the feminine version of Volkov be 'Volkova'?"

"Yes, and it is usually a wolf's name," she said, looking amused. "But, as the bumper sticker says, in Zootopia anyone can be anything. Here I am a wolf, a hunter, like in the old days when prey were a food source, not a bunch of nasty, clever creatures with horns and spears. " Her fingers stroked the fur of woven tails draping her shoulders. "Do you like my coat?"

"Can't take my eyes off it," Nick admitted with complete honesty.

"I made from the tails of a rival organization in Moscow. They thought they could negotiate a truce, work together with me." She bared her fangs. "I killed them all. After that, no one negotiated with me, they simply did as they were told."

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Fanfic: The Call, Under the Gun

The polar bear’s paw shot out, grabbing Nick by the neck and lifting him up onto his toes. “Funny little fox,” he growled. “Why should I not kill you right now?”

Nick let out a garbled cry, tapping his claw against one of the polar bear’s fingers to indicate he needed air. “Bit public here, don’t you think?” he gasped, as the bear loosened his grip. “I know your boss is all about pissing folks off enough to start a shooting war, but it’d be messy to begin it with one of his soldiers immediately getting arrested for murdering a guy in front of a hundred witnesses.”

“Fine. I take you out to dock, and toss your body into water.”

“No, you’re going to keep me alive, for the moment at least.” Nick waved his arms, trying to stretch his toes to get more air. “C’mon, Volkov wants to have some fun, am I right? Why else would he bother kidnapping Officer Hopps’ parents, instead of just shooting them too? One of your guys got whacked trying to get to her. Betcha that’s who you were waiting, wasn’t it? You don’t think Volkov would just love having a chance to do that to the famous Officer Hopps’ partner himself, after that?”

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Fanfic: The Call, Undercover

Nick getting into the bar was easy. Finnick getting into the bar involved flashing three photo ID's and a loud announcement that he'd kick the bouncer's ass if he was carded one more time.

“I hate being taken for a kit,” the little fox muttered when they finally got through the door.

“Yeah, I can understand that,” Nick agreed cheerfully, the triple espresso he'd drank being enough revive him for at least the next hour or so. “By the way, you still wearing your elephant onesie when you sleep?”

Finnick glared at him. “You try finding adult pajamas when you're this damn small.” Then he added reluctantly, “Besides, it's comfy.”

So two foxes walk into a bar....Collapse )

Fanfic: The Call, On the Scene

News: I'm getting fanart!!

* * *

When Chief Bogo arrived at Zootopia General, it was already a scene of controlled chaos. Six police cruisers had the street in front of the hospital blocked off, and a team of forensics sloths were diligently placing numbered markers and snapping pictures in the parking garage, recording the evidence of each shot Clawhauser had fired at the vehicle.

Clawhauser himself was sitting on the curb, one arm in a sling, the other holding an oxygen mask to his face and breathing deeply under the supervision of a tiger paramedic. He started to get up, but sat again when Bogo waved him down. The desk sergeant’s face looked as bad, if not worse, than the time during the Night Howler crisis when Bogo had to transfer him off his beloved front desk and back down into Records.

“Report, Clawhauser,” Bogo ordered. “What the hell happened?”

Bogo tries to get a handle on things, with a little helpCollapse )
Bonnie had fallen asleep, cuddled with Stu on the padded lounge chair one of the nurses had dragged into the hospital room for them. When she awoke the room lights had been dimmed down, and she could see the sun had set, leaving only the light of the streetlights outside. Someone had tossed a blanket over them both, and she found herself not wanting to crawl out from under it just yet.

Glancing over to Judy, she could see that there was no change. She just laid there, the respirator making her chest rise and fall like a well pump. Watching it, Bonnie felt her nose twitch in agitation. The thought occurred to her that it not be Judy there anymore. Maybe it was just her body now, and they were simply biding time before giving into the inevitable and turning off the switch.

No. Judy had believed in being a police officer, had wanted it so hard that she made it happen, despite all the odds against her. If she wouldn’t give up on herself, I’m not going to either.

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Fanfic: The Call, Glass Houses

Kevin dropped Nick off back at his new place. One of the advantages of having a steady salary was that he could afford a bit better than “Box under a bridge” these days. One of the disadvantages was that it was the same lousy apartment complex as Judy, because a cop’s salary only went so far, especially when he was still sending half of it to his mom each month.

His call to Chief Bogo had been short, and predictable. Bogo didn’t like the idea of a gang war any more than Nick did, especially with the awkward complication that it might be triggered because one of the city’s most recently decorated officers had family ties to one of the gang’s in question. The chief had hung up muttering, after ordering him to get some sleep finally.

In Which Nick Has Too Much Time to ThinkCollapse )
“Honestly, Stu. Can't you go any faster? People are passing us,” Bonnie said urgently. She grabbed for the oh, carrots strap beside the door as an 18-wheeler zoomed by them in the highway's right lane, setting the old farm truck rocking in its wake.

“I go any faster I'll overheat the engine, you know that. We only bought this one to run produce over to the stand,” Stu said, keeping his eyes on the road. “Told ya we needed a new truck.”

“We needed the tractor repaired more,” she said. Which was true, but what she wouldn't give for one of those fancy SUV's now, instead of this twenty-year old rusty dusty pickup truck. They'd been on the road six hours now, and she couldn't help but think it would have just been faster to take the train, but when Nick's call had come all either of them could think of was getting out the door now.

Time keeps running out.Collapse )

The Call: Mr Big

Nick had to get some sleep. He knew he had to get some sleep. This shift had started over twenty-four hours ago. He and Judy had just been ready to drive back to the station at the end of their normal twelve hours when he had spotted the Russian polar bear climbing out of an SUV and heading down towards one of the warehouses by the docks. Why the hell hadn't he just let the guy go on his merry way was beyond his ability to reason now. Of course once he had pointed him out to Judy there was no stopping her from following the bear to see what he was up to.

Never get Family involved in BusinessCollapse )

Five Minute Zootopia

Been a while since I've done one of these. ;)

* *

Scene: A typical elementary school play, livened up by Judy Hopps taking courses from the Wednesday Addams School of Stagecraft.

Judy: Blood! Blood! Bloooood! And DEATH! (quote!)

Bonnie Hopps: Oh, sweet cheese and crackers.

Stu Hopps: Hey, she’s your kid.

Bonnie: And yours!

Stu: With two hundred seventy-five of the little suckers, how can I be sure?

Scene: At the school fair after the play.

Bonnie: It’s not that we don’t love you, honey.

Stu: It’s just we thought it best if your hopes and dreams were crushed by your family first.
Bonnie: Before it was done by strangers.

Judy: Mere parental misgivings cannot stop Bunny Cop!

(meanwhile, Gideon Grey is being a big jerk)

Gideon Grey: Bwahaha! That’s big fat jerk! (steals a little lamb’s faire tickets)

Judy: You’re way too mush-mouthed to pull off an evil cackle.

Gideon Grey: And you don’t know when to give up! (hit and scratches her across the face)

Judy: You’re right! I just wish I’d brought my Captain America shield for this scene! (gives the tickets back to the other kids)

Judy Hopps, Maverick Meter MaidCollapse )

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