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RVA: Some Notes on the Mother Goddess

Just some long delayed world building.

* * *

The major dominant religion among the foxen for the past eight to fifteen thousand years has been that of the Mother Goddess, a monotheistic creation deity that reinforces the foxen cultural norms towards matriarchal practices. As a spacefaring technological race, outsiders might expect that the foxen would be mostly atheistic or agnostic, but a surprising 65% of them express at least some religious belief, and most of that is directed towards the Mother Goddess. [1]

World Building AheadCollapse )

RVA: The Song of the Lost

I've been meaning to update the song Melanie sings in CotRV to something more fitting with Foxen mythology. I'm probably going to go with this.


The snow is Cold and biting, the Darkness black and deep.
Your footsteps grow heavy, your wounds slowly seep.
Fear drives you forward, shelter you do seek.
For there you can rest, and finally dare to sleep.

The Mother's fire guides you, if you could only see.
In Her arms she'll warm you, in fields of green.

They say the snow is endless, the sky void of stars.
The bodies of the unseeing, frozen on the ground.
You trip and stumble o'er them, no shelter to be seen.
Your chain of sin drags in the snow, you've long since lost the key.

The Mother's fire guides you, if you could only see.
In Her arms she'll warm you, in fields of green.

The smoke scent fills you nose, the spark can just be seen.
Your foot pads quicken in the snow, the pain now just a dream.
The Mother gathers you in Her embrace, and carries you like a child.
The chain falls away from your leg, your sins now reconciled.

The Mother's fire guided you, because you could still see.
Close your eyes so you may rest, in Her fields of green

Random Scene: Escort Service

Scene: Bob, a Vin Diesel-ish “Nice and Built Like a Brick Wall” kinda guy gets a call on his cellphone.

Bob: Hey, Sarah. What's up?

Sarah (at a loud party): My friend Angie needs rescuing from a creep at our office party.

Bob (nodding in understanding): Okay. Does she need a husband, boyfriend, or a brother?

Sarah: Brother would be best. There's another guy here she actually wants to date, but he hasn't figured it out yet.

Bob: Got it. Do you want Angry, Concerned, or Mom Called and It's Important?

Sarah: Why don't we go with Concerned, with a side of Looming Intimidatingly?

Bob (grins): I can do that.

(ten minutes later Bob has extricated a grateful Angie from El Creepo)

Angie: Thanks. That was really smooth. Have you done that before?

Bob (takes a bow): Oh, yeah. One thing the girls could count on at my college was that I was always available for a rescue and that I'm as gay as a rainbow unicorn.

FYS: The question of locks

Continuing work on Wake Up Call, and I've just gotten to the bit where our still unnamed protagonist is guided to his new apartment. Which leaves the question of what kind of physical security a place with 24 hour Panopticon level monitoring would really need. Which actually brings up just how much monitoring there is.

Not sure about this yet. Especially since the story is starting to get a cozy murder mystery vibe.

Potential Monitoring Levels

No Privacy: Cameras outside the home, cameras inside the home, and your morph is constantly watching you either directly or via remote monitors. Yes, even in the bedroom and bathroom. With fifteen billion humans to monitor the Groupmind is pretty much beyond shock at this point. Rather unmerciful and it kills any chance at real rebellion.

Limited Privacy: Even if it isn't true, everyone assumes that they're monitored 24/7 once they step outside their home, especially with their morphs tagging along. Inside their home there's some privacy. Aside from cameras associated with their home's com/entertainment system, there's the morphs, but otherwise bathroom and bedroom privacy is somewhat guaranteed (though more than one attempt at either suicide or spousal abuse has discovered that morphs have both excellent hearing and the ability to monitor stress levels in someone's voice.)

Which leads to locks on the doors...

Standard Locks: Operating on a failsafe system, all locks are electronic in nature, opening on detection of proper biometrics (facial, hand or thumbprint, or voice recognition). In the very unlikely event of a power failure, any lock releases automatically. Locks requiring physical keys no longer exist, and if some bright tinkerer tries to recreate them, they're going to get the Groupmind's negative attention shortly.

No Locks: None. Seriously. Assuming No Privacy mode and a Post-Scarcity society why would you even need them? Anyone trying to steal anything would be caught immediately, and the morphs are smart enough to keep Billy out of the medicine cabinet, or the bedroom when mom and dad need their non-existent privacy.

What could possibly go wrong?

An Ode to 2016

Ahem. In honor of the New Year, allow me to sing you a brief ode to the events of 2016.

Music: "Oh, Christmas Tree"

Oh, 2016,
How I...

Hated you! Hate, hate, HATEY, HATE, HATED YOU!

Eat it, 2016! If there was a compost heap at the corner of history's garden, you would be at the BOTTOM!

Except that compost heaps are actually useful and you served no good purpose WHATSOEVER except maybe allowing David Bowie to transcend his Earthly form just so he could that much more far out.

The rest of you was 364 days of absolute CRAP!!


Thank you.


So I was Googling information about Rube Goldberg, and found out he had a son named George W. George (Rube insisted both his boys change their last name during WWII because of all the political heat Rube was getting over his editorial cartoons). George W. George got into show business and produced among other things the film My Dinner With Andre which is famous for being just one long scene with two characters chatting over dinner.

So the son of the man so well known for creating overly complicated devices to do simple things, produced a Hollywood film with one the simplest setups possible.

RVA: Solstice Presents

“The Mother Goddess bless Her children on this day. On this darkest day, Winter begins. On this coldest day the sun hangs low. In the Cold and Dark we tremble, and in the Cold and Dark we see the Mother Goddess’ warming fire, and know that She and it preserve us.” the Countess Matri Darktail intoned, as Melanie watched with her husband Rolas, from the circle of witness standing around her, in Darktail Manor’s holy arbor. As was traditional, the ceremony was held in the pre-dawn twilight, witnesses from the Houses of vassal lords, from the various professions of the Service caste, and Commoners both notable and chosen at random, all watching as the Countess conducted the ceremony in nothing more than the fur she was born with, demonstrating both her piety and that they all appeared the same in the Mother Goddess’ eyes. It made Melanie grateful for the heavy coat she wore, over the curve of her gravid belly.

A time to forgive.Collapse )

LMB: The Five Gods and the Wide Green World

Okay, follow along with me here…

This came about when I got to thinking about how “magical” healing worked in both universes. If you look closely, they have a lot in common. The both require at least some basic medical knowledge, they both tend to generate heat and other unpleasant effects if you overdo things, and the energy required can be replenished is slightly disturbing ways. In the Five Gods verse it’s by having your demon murder vermin, and in the Wide Green World a Lakewalker can Ground rip up to small vermin (but mind the apple pies). Also much of the “easy” healing is by destroying, whether it be by killing intestinal worms or lightly ground ripping a tape worm out of someone’s stomach.

Also, there are the similarities between demons and malices. Both lack bodies when they first appear, both need to steal or make one to get anything done, both can control another person’s body, and both can do “magic” in a similar fashion. The only differences are the level of power and range, with malices, even small ones, seeming to be much more powerful.

So how does that jibe with what Dag told Fawn about Lakewalker history? Well, for one thing it was a thousand years ago, some of the information may have been distorted and lost in the cataclysm. And at least in skin tone, there seems to be a bit of similarity between Lakewalkers and the Roknari.

So where did the Malices come from? I’ve got an idea.Collapse )

Random Thought Table, Rogue One Edition

With Rogue One coming out Friday, I got to thinking about Darth Vader and how he's integrated into the Imperial job structure. I like to think he's listed on some org chart as something utterly innocuous like "Resolutions Specialist, Pay Grade IS-15" or the like. And some poor schmuck from Accounting has to periodically knock on Vadar's office door and shake the receipts out of him after his latest mission.

"Lord Vader, I understand you're following the Emperor's orders, but I've got Cloud City administrators yelling for compensation after you trashed that carbon freezing chamber. You can't just keep listing stuff like that under Miscellaneous Expenses, sir."

FYS: Wake Up Call, Part Two

Working on this again now that I've put The Red Vixen at Sea to bed, at least until I can get cover art made.

Part One

“Sir,” the mousemorph said gently, “you haven’t looked up yet.” It reached over and closed the lawn umbrella, letting him see the sky as he tilted his head back, grabbing the edge of the table even as the little morph steadied the chair, keeping him from falling backwards as a wave of vertigo overwhelmed him. Oh, God. The bastard really did it.

The Earth loomed in the sky overhead, appearing to be over eight times the size of the moon, visible through the blue haze of the sky and clouds, a blue and brown giant looking like it couldn’t possibly hang in the air,. He started hyperventilating, his mind overwhelmed as it tried to reorient itself to understand what he was seeing. He was looking down at the Earth, not up, despite what his inner ear was telling him, pinned by centrifugal force to the inner side of the Ring. Still gripping the edge of the table to hold himself steady, he turned his head, finally seeing how the ground rose up miles away to his left and to his right, and the curve of the Ring formed into an impossibly tall arch, wrapping itself all the way around the Earth and back again.

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