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Fallout 76 thoughts

Just watched Bethesda's E3 presentation for Fallout 76, and I have some thoughts and concerns.

1. It's an MMO, breaking from the pattern of previous Fallout games. Supposedly there'll be plenty of solo content, which I'm interpreting as "I get sniped 30 seconds after leaving the Tutorial Area."

2. There was no mention of micro-transactions. Which means there will be micro-transactions.

3. Looks like you'll also have to defend your base. Which means I'm going to be doing a lot of repairing. A Lot.

4. Even Bethesda is admitting their Fallout games are notoriously buggy. I'm betting the B.E.T.A. will be released on July 4th just for the giggles.

5. Who's bright @#$%ing idea was it to allow players access to NUCLEAR MISSILES in the game? Supposedly finding the launch codes will be an involved group effort, which I'm guessing means it'll be done less than an hour after the game goes live. :(

6. On the plus side, at least Fallout Shelter is now out for the PS4.

Conclusion: Barring Star Wars Battlefront levels of idiocy, I'm probably going to get it. Because it's Fallout.

Prisoner of Midnight now available!

Prisoner of Midnight the sequel to my popular furry erotic novel Prisoners of War is now available through Amazon's Kindle format for US$3.99!

Prepare yourself for the erotic sequel to the popular Prisoners of War.

Six months after his harrowing escape from his Gerwart torturers, Lt. Rolas Darktail formerly of the Mother Country Airship Corps has found himself at loose ends. No longer a soldier, and by his caste never a civilian, he is at a loss at where to go next. That is until he encounters Lady Midnight Blackpool, a mysterious Noblevixen living in exile, who entwines Rolas in her web of desire and restraint, helping him discover the pleasure to be found in pain.

Warning: This novel features scenes of adult sexuality and BDSM practices.

Title Pondering

 Pondering titles for stories.

I've got two currently in my queue in various states of unreadiness, that I wish to eventually finish, both of them coincidentally First Contact novels.

The first is the meeting between the Foxen of my "Red Vixen Adventures" universe and Humanity, set in Foxen Prime's late industrial era (about early post-World War 2 tech). *Technically* since it stars an older and creakier Rolas the First from "Prisoners of War" and the nearly complete "Prisoner of Midnight" it should logically follow with another "Prisoner" based title, tentatively "Prisoners of History." The downside to that is (bluntly) the first two Prisoner books are smut, and PoH would be more straight up sci-fi (more specifically an homage to Alan Dean Foster's Humanx novel "Nor Crystal Tears.") So I either keep the name and lose the chance to get conventional sci-fi fans, or I keep it and have disappointed smut fans.

The second story is set in my "For Your Safety" universe, with the Groupmind being confronted with some rather desperate refugees entering the Solar System, and finding itself caught between a desire to eliminate their ship just to be safe, a human exploration crew who wants to save it, and a fragment of its own mind who thinks the Groupmind could use some competition. Currently this has the very generic title of "The Visitors." I'd rather ditch that, but my alternatives so far are "The Invaders" (also painfully generic) "Invaders of Mars" (gives away too much plot) or "For Your Defense" which sounds a bit too much like a Baen style Mil-Scifi piece.


Okay, fixing the link to Rise of the Ring, and also including a print short story collection that I have an entry in.

Rise of the Ring is now available for $3.99 through Amazon! Read the story Baen published author Ryk Spoor called "The most unique, heartwarming conquest of humanity I've ever read."

A beautiful prison is still a prison.

Fifteen hundred years ago Mankind fell to the Groupmind, an artificial intelligence determined to save its creators from an environmental disaster of their own making. Now Earth has been evacuated, and humanity finds itself awakening on the Ring, a massive space station circling their true home. A generation is being born that only remembers living on Earth as distant history, as their parents struggle to adapt to a life on a world where every whim is catered to, and every need provided for, except freedom.

Purrfect Tails is also available exclusively in paper back through Amazon for $11.95, published by Armoured Fox Press, and featuring nine unique Neko themed erotic short stories, including my original story "Cat Toy", available nowhere else.

Pets or People? A Neko's pleasure is a primal thing. A dangerous appetite that, once awakened, can barely be contained. Be they a catboy doing corporate work, or a catgirl confessing her innermost feelings, nekos have a level of energy that burns as much as it warms. Purrfect Tails contains nine sensual stories involving these frisky felines to keep you purring all night long.

(Hey, it's smut, but it's smut I got paid for...)

 Rise of the Ring my latest collection of stories set in the For Your Safety universe, is now available for pre-order for release April 7th! 

"Royce Day’s Groupmind is neither of the typical types of computer conqueror; instead, the conquerors — in the shape of “morphs”, anthropomorphic animals — are desperately worried people forced to save humanity from itself, while terrified that in doing so, they are become yet another threat. The Groupmind is awesomely intelligent, powerful beyond easy imagining, a distributed intelligence whose individual morphs are as smart as humans and faster, tougher, stronger. Once the Groupmind decided to act, there was nothing humanity could do to stop them.

And the Groupmind doesn’t know if that was a good thing. They have _read_ all the tales, you see; they know what monsters they could become, they know humanity’s fears and _they share those fears_."
-Ryk Spoor, author of The Balanced Sword and Arena trilogies, and Holy Princess Aura.

Script: The Next Starfighter

A little 80's nostalgia, for Ryk Spoor


S/FX: The old tinny Starfighter video game opening music.

Centauri: (v/o) Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League, to defend the Frontier against Xur, and the Kodan Armada. Get ready. Prepare for blastoff!

Some things should remain in the pastCollapse )
 Here's a little preview of the main character of my short story To Catch the Lightning, which I'm hoping will appear soon in Armoured Fox Press' Swordmasters anthology.

This entry was originally posted on my Patreon page. Please consider supporting me there to see this and other fiction and RPG posts at least 30 days in advance of the public.

Background: Becca Blacksailor is a Swordmaster, a highly trained Service caste foxen, serving the Countess Longlake, a prominent member of the Mother Country Council of Countesses. Not quite a soldier, Becca serves as Longlake's personal agent, intervening where her countess sends her. Sometimes that means intervening in conflicts between Longlake's vassal Ladies, sometimes that means being her Countess' bodyguard while traveling, and sometimes that means illegally entering the MC's rival Gerwart on cover ops missions.

Becca is aware that as a Swordmaster, her profession is being increasingly viewed as an anachronism with the growth of gunpowder weapons. Nevertheless she takes pride in her work, though as she begins to age, she finds herself increasingly looking forward to more assignments in her home district, rather than sneaking about Gerwart ports counting ships and stealing plans.

She also happens to be Alinadar Blacksailor's direct ancestor, though Ali is unaware of this during the course of The Red Vixen Adventures.

Description: Foxen female, Height: 5'2", Weight: 130 lbs. Age: 30. Fur: Black and white tuxedo pattern. Hazel eyes.

Statistics: ST: 11 [20], DX: 14 [60], IQ: 11 [20], Ht: 12 [20]

Basic Damage: Thrust: 1d-1, Swing: 1d+1

Secondary Statistics: HP: 12 [2]. Will: 12 [5], Per: 12 [3]. FP: 12 [0], Basic Speed: 6.5 [5], Basic Move: 8 [10].

Social: Tech Level 5 [0], Culture: Mother Country (native) [0], Gerwart [1].

Languages: Mother Tongue (Native) [0], Gerwart (Accented) [4].
Wealth: Comfortable [10], Status 2 (High Service Caste) [10].

Advantages: Foxen Racial Package [36], Acute Hearing/2 [0], Acute Smell/Taste/2 [0], Ally: Feydian Cliptoe (75% pts., appears quite often 12-) [6], Ambidexterity [5], Blunt Claws [0], Combat Reflexes [15], Common Sense [10], Discriminatory Smell [0], Fit [5], Legal Enforcement Powers [10], Patron: Countess Longlake (powerful individual, appears fairly often 9-) [15], Signature Gear (saber) [2], Sharp Teeth [0], Weapon Master (fencing weapons) [30].

Perks: DR 1 for palms, soles of feet [0], Fur [0].

Disadvantages: Code of Honor: Swordmaster (Carry out your Countess' orders faithfully, never strike with more force than required, accept honorable surrender, protect the innocent) [-10], Duty: To Countess Longlake Often 12-, Extremely Hazardous [-15], Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents [-10], Sense of Duty: Mother Country citizens (large group) [-10].

Quirks: Dislikes Shoes [0], Humble [-1].

Skills: Acrobatics 15 [8], Acting 11 [2], Area Knowledge: Countess Longlake's district 12 [2], Blind Fighting 12 [8], Carousing 12 [2], Climbing 14 [2], Cloak 14 [2], Dancing 14 [2], Dart 15 [2], Escape 13 [2], Fast Draw (knife) 14 [1], Fast Draw (sword) 15 [2], First Aid 12 [2], Games: Castles and Corners 12 [2], Geography (political) 11 [4], Heraldry 11 [2], Holdout 11 [2], Intelligence Analysis 11 [4], Intimidation 12 [2], Judo 13 [2], Jumping 15 [2], Kiai 12 [4], Law: Mother Country 12 [8], Leadership 13 [8], Main-Gauche 16 [8], Meditation 12 [4], Navigation (land) 12 [4], Observation 13 [4], Parry Missile Weapons 14 [4], Power Blow 12 [4], Rapier 16 [8], Riding (Grass Chaser) 14 [2], Running 12 [2], Saber 16 [8], Savoir Faire (Service Caste) 12 [4], Search 13 [4], Shadowing 12 [4], Soldier 12 [4], Stealth 15 [4], Strategy 12 [8], Tactics 12 [8], Teaching 12 [4], Throwing 14 [2]. 

Total Points: 425.

This story was originally posted on my Patreon page. Please consider supporting me there to see this and other stories 30 days in advance of original publication.
 * * *

 Shasta sat cross legged on the wooden porch of her family's house, the light of Lost Earth reflected on the screen of her tablet as it rested in her lap. If she looked up, she'd be able to see the great brown, white and blue marble hanging over her head, enormous in comparison to the tiny Moon, both out of reach.

Stay focused, she thought. She touched the stylus to the display again, modifying the blueprint of the Barachetta roadster she'd found. Chop the exhaust there, increase the size the pistons, and then reshape the bonnet to fit the supercharger…

"Whatcha doing, Shas?" Her morph, Ratfink, a four foot tall brown rat wearing shredded jeans, a leather jacket, with a toothpick perpetually jammed between his teeth, looked down at her work, eyebrows raised in curiosity. Ratmorphs weren't popular on the Ring, lacking the general cuteness most morphs tried to project. Shasta had chosen his current form precisely because it wasn't cute.

"You're hooked into the same network that my tablet is, Ratfink. Can't you see what I'm doing?" Shasta shot back.

Ratfink gave her an eye roll. "I can see what yer doing. Why are ya doing it?"

"I'm gonna build a car."


"Because I want to."

Read more...Collapse )
I've posted the conclusion to "The Last Ride" my latest For Your Safety Story, on Patreon. Please consider supporting me to see this and other stories 30 days before the general public.

New story posted to Patreon

I've published a new story in my For Your Safety universe, Wake Up Call, on Patreon. To see this and other works at least 30 days before the general public, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

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