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 Short Version: Go see this movie. Right now. I'd put this up as one of the best, if not THE BEST Marvel movies, and that includes all of the MCU.

Randomly Spoilerly Comments.

1. Miles is Spider-Man. Terribly young, terribly afraid, but willing to do the right thing, even if his friends and mentors feel he'd be safer staying to one side.

2. Liked the interaction between Miles and his dad. It definitely felt like his father loved him and wanted to connect to Miles, but was just stumbling as to how.

3. Miles' uncle was a cool contrast, the appealing, chill, and slightly crooked opposite of his brother, and their interactions also felt genuine, making his eventual fate even more painful. 

4. Peter B. Parker was both simultaneously funny and tragic. This is a Spider-Man who has been in the costume for over twenty years, and is visibly tired of the grind. As one reviewer put it, he's the genius kid who peaked in high school and has been living in the glory days ever since. But he's still a hero, and as the movie makes a point of, Spider-Man always gets up again no matter how many times he's knocked down.

5. Aunt May was incredibly cool. The easy characterization would have been to make her devastated over the loss of "her" Peter, but when she sees Peter B. she immediately realizes what's going on, and becomes the clever ally of him, Miles, and the other Spiders.

6. All of  the Spiders, even the cynical Peter B. and Noir Spider-Man, and silly Spider-Ham, are heroes. Their immediate reaction when faced with the situation is stopping Kingpin and keeping poor Miles out of trouble. They may all be different, but they're all the Spider-Man/Woman/Girl/Pig we love.

7. Oh, God.. The animation blew my mind. I'm willing to say it's more innovative than even a Pixar film, and that's saying something.

8. If the movie has one fault, it's that it's got too many villains. The main three, Kingpin, Dr. Octavious, and Prowler, are done well enough, but Green Goblin, Scorpion, and Tombstone are barely sketches.

9. Didn't realize until now the significance of Miles' final Spider suit. He takes the backup of his world's Spider-Man and spray paints it, literally "tagging" Spider-Man, making it, and Spider-Man's legacy, his own.

10. Stay through the credits. Aside from a tribute to Stan Lee that will make you sniffle a bit, the last two Spider-Men we see made me laugh my ass off.


A look at one of Ali's few friends, among the pirates.

This story originally appeared on my Patreon Page. Please consider supporting me there to see this and other stories at least 30 days in advance of the public.



Once Fahdah had dreamed of gold and jewels. Of walking on strange, alien worlds, her body draped in robes of silken finery. Of having

Waqur rabbighfir warham wa'anta khayrur rahimeen.

(So say, "Our Lord! Grant us forgiveness and mercy! For You are the Best of those who show mercy.")

Dreams die.Collapse )
This story originally appeared on my Patreon page . Please consider supporting me there to see these and other stories at least 30 days in advance of the public.

* * *

"Alinadar, my love, what are you doing?" Lady Salli asked.

Ali flinched, trying to hide the portion of roasted glide lizard she'd wrapped in a napkin behind her back, even as she realized how pointless the gesture was. "Nothing, milady," she replied, her ears heating up. "Just getting a snack, for later." As was their habit, she and Salli had been eating their dinner at the dining table in their suite in the Governor's Mansion on Greenholme, the colony worlds Salli administered for her mother, the Countess Darktail.

Old habits die hardCollapse )

RVA: The Trap (PG-13 for sexuality)

This story originally appeared on my Patreon page. Please consider supporting me there to see this and similar stories at least thirty days in advance of the public.

* * *

When Rolas pulled out his palm comp from his pocket, he heard Melanie's strained voice state, "Rolas, I need your help with something."

"I'm on my way home from the meeting with the Greenholme Colony Coordination Committee," he replied, leaning back in the seat of his groundcar, while the autodriver took him towards home. "What's the matter?"

"I'm having a... wardrobe issue would be the best term," she said.

"So, get one of the servants to help you."

"I'd… rather not bother them with this."

Rolas' brow rose at this admission. Given some of the outfits Melanie wore when they were in private, he could well imagine not wanting to get Darktail Manor's servants involved. "Is that a fact?" he asked mildly.

Melanie's voice grew irritated. "Rolas, don't be a tease. You're terrible at it."

"I don't ever tease," he replied. "Are you in any danger?"

"No actually, just mild inconvenience," she admitted.

"I'll try to hurry then." He smiled to himself. "I do, however, see a bit of heavy traffic ahead. Might take me a few extra minutes to get home. Be there ASAP."

"Rolas! Don't be an arse! You need to get here as soon as…" Melanie began to shout, before he cut the connection and set his palm comp to shunt his messages to voicemail.

Sometimes Rolas does get the better of MelCollapse )

If Zootopia Was An Anime (NSFW!)

So someone decided to do a shot for shot  remake of the Naturist Club scene from Zootopia. Fortunately nothing is showing... Technically.

FIc: Excelsior


It was one of those rare, wonderful New York City days. The heat and mugginess of Summer had passed, leaving the crisp air of Autumn. In Central Park the leaves were changing, bright reds and oranges and yellows, turning the trees into sunbursts. It was going to be, the man knew in his bones, a perfect day,

He walked down the walking path towards Belvedere Castle, a spring in his step he hadn't been able to manage for what seemed like thirty, no sixty years. A great smile grew underneath the bushy grey mustache he sported, and his stride grew longer. His bones no longer ached, the dark cloud that had hung over him the past year seeming to have disappeared under the bright New York sky.

You were the Man.Collapse )

Free Sticker Day!

If you're over 18 and a citizen of the United States, it's FREE STICKER DAY! Seriously, they're just giving them away!

Streaming Fallout 76

Show begins at 7pm sharp (hopefully)

Streaming Tuesday, 10/30

 Just an FYI. I will attempting to stream the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. on my PS4 aroud 7pm EST 10/30/18. Link will be provided about a 1/2 hour beforehand.

Ali-ween, Prompt #5, Grief

 Last of the Ali-ween prompts. This one courtesy of Vikki Rubbervixen, "Ali being confronted/held captive by the parent(s) of a child they believe she killed during her tenure as Ali-Kat  "Shared pain is lessened.... But never gone.Collapse )

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