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Okay, fixing the link to Rise of the Ring, and also including a print short story collection that I have an entry in.

Rise of the Ring is now available for $3.99 through Amazon! Read the story Baen published author Ryk Spoor called "The most unique, heartwarming conquest of humanity I've ever read."

A beautiful prison is still a prison.

Fifteen hundred years ago Mankind fell to the Groupmind, an artificial intelligence determined to save its creators from an environmental disaster of their own making. Now Earth has been evacuated, and humanity finds itself awakening on the Ring, a massive space station circling their true home. A generation is being born that only remembers living on Earth as distant history, as their parents struggle to adapt to a life on a world where every whim is catered to, and every need provided for, except freedom.

Purrfect Tails is also available exclusively in paper back through Amazon for $11.95, published by Armoured Fox Press, and featuring nine unique Neko themed erotic short stories, including my original story "Cat Toy", available nowhere else.

Pets or People? A Neko's pleasure is a primal thing. A dangerous appetite that, once awakened, can barely be contained. Be they a catboy doing corporate work, or a catgirl confessing her innermost feelings, nekos have a level of energy that burns as much as it warms. Purrfect Tails contains nine sensual stories involving these frisky felines to keep you purring all night long.

(Hey, it's smut, but it's smut I got paid for...)

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