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Title Pondering

 Pondering titles for stories.

I've got two currently in my queue in various states of unreadiness, that I wish to eventually finish, both of them coincidentally First Contact novels.

The first is the meeting between the Foxen of my "Red Vixen Adventures" universe and Humanity, set in Foxen Prime's late industrial era (about early post-World War 2 tech). *Technically* since it stars an older and creakier Rolas the First from "Prisoners of War" and the nearly complete "Prisoner of Midnight" it should logically follow with another "Prisoner" based title, tentatively "Prisoners of History." The downside to that is (bluntly) the first two Prisoner books are smut, and PoH would be more straight up sci-fi (more specifically an homage to Alan Dean Foster's Humanx novel "Nor Crystal Tears.") So I either keep the name and lose the chance to get conventional sci-fi fans, or I keep it and have disappointed smut fans.

The second story is set in my "For Your Safety" universe, with the Groupmind being confronted with some rather desperate refugees entering the Solar System, and finding itself caught between a desire to eliminate their ship just to be safe, a human exploration crew who wants to save it, and a fragment of its own mind who thinks the Groupmind could use some competition. Currently this has the very generic title of "The Visitors." I'd rather ditch that, but my alternatives so far are "The Invaders" (also painfully generic) "Invaders of Mars" (gives away too much plot) or "For Your Defense" which sounds a bit too much like a Baen style Mil-Scifi piece.



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