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Fallout 76 thoughts

Just watched Bethesda's E3 presentation for Fallout 76, and I have some thoughts and concerns.

1. It's an MMO, breaking from the pattern of previous Fallout games. Supposedly there'll be plenty of solo content, which I'm interpreting as "I get sniped 30 seconds after leaving the Tutorial Area."

2. There was no mention of micro-transactions. Which means there will be micro-transactions.

3. Looks like you'll also have to defend your base. Which means I'm going to be doing a lot of repairing. A Lot.

4. Even Bethesda is admitting their Fallout games are notoriously buggy. I'm betting the B.E.T.A. will be released on July 4th just for the giggles.

5. Who's bright @#$%ing idea was it to allow players access to NUCLEAR MISSILES in the game? Supposedly finding the launch codes will be an involved group effort, which I'm guessing means it'll be done less than an hour after the game goes live. :(

6. On the plus side, at least Fallout Shelter is now out for the PS4.

Conclusion: Barring Star Wars Battlefront levels of idiocy, I'm probably going to get it. Because it's Fallout.


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Jun. 16th, 2018 10:26 pm (UTC)
Mmm, IAPs seem to be the name of the game for big publishers, even Nintendo - to see them infect Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been unsettling. *sigh* It's at least done sort of acceptably - the main game is effectively perfectly playable without spending a penny, but there are so many distractions luring you on to spend money. That per se mightn't be quite so bad, until you look at the costs involved. =:P From what I gather, they're catering to the local market, which doesn't mind gatchas. Still, to sell a game ostensibly to a young market, where you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on mere accessories (eg cute cut scenes and special furniture/clothing).. I'd've expected better from Nintendo, but, there we go. =:/
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