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Weird Fanfic Thoughts

For the past couple of years I've been imagining in my head an AU where production of ST:TOS continued for five seasons instead of just the three. Season Four and Five would have been direct to syndication, as some clever fellow noted ST's Nielsen numbers and bought the show out from under DesiLu. To accommodate the change, and to get fans excited, there would be a theatrical movie bridging seasons three and four called The Revenge of Khan. It would be the same basic plot as ST:TWoK but without Spock dying, the Enterprise getting out of the way of the Genesis Device's detonation range by the saucer section cutting loose the engineering hull, and Sulu taking Chekhov's role as the Reliant's first officer.

In this universe around Season Five Sulu would be transferred to Star Base Bajor, allowing George Takei to star in his own series. Which would lead to a running gag of Sulu engaging in an endless series of "No really, I was there!" conversations with Major Kira as he described incidents from ST:TOS to her.

"So when we woke up, we found out that the crew of the ship had come aboard and stolen our science officer's brain."

"Stolen... his brain? What for?"

"Something about using it to run the planet's infrastructure."

"Okaaay. I assume you hunted them down for murdering him."

"No, no. He was still alive. I mean his body was. And so was his brain."

"So what, he's living in a jar now?"

"No, our ship's doctor put it back in his body."


"It was complicated..."

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