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Pretty dark, eh? But there is an (unholy) light of (SCIENCE!) at the end of the tunnel.


The Situation at the end of DRHSAB

1) Penny is dead.

2) Captain Hammer is alive, but in therapy.

3) Dr. Horrible has gone fully over to the Dark Side, making lots of cash, but now his only friends are syncophants and an intelligent, evil horse.

This being a Whedon production, there's been enough hype that even despite the sucktacular ending he can probably make enough money from DVD sales and renting it to the Sci-Fi Channel that a sequel would be justified.

The plot of a sequel would be fairly simple. Hammer has to regain his reputation after that very public demonstration of cowardice, Dr. Horrible has to be either be brought back from the dark side, or at least moderated somewhat (okay, he steals money, but maybe he can donate most of it to Penny's shelter), and of course, Penny has to be brought back from the dead.

That last one would normally be tricky, but this is a world with Mad Scientists for heaven's sake. Revivication rays are frigging Freshman projects for these guys!

So Dr. H digs up Penny's body, revives her, and apologizes for the whole Exploding Death Ray in the Stomach incident. Meanwhile, Captain Hammer, probably tring on a new Dark Avenger persona to make up for his lack of manhood, stalks them both, trying to destroy Dr. H and get in Penny's undead pants again. For a side plot Dr. H would probably have to eliminate Bad Horse in order to take over the Equine of Evil's operation and turn it toward (semi) good purposes. A perfect move would be of course to have Bad Horse and Captain Hammer eliminate each other, as the public watches in horror, allowing Penny and Dr H to fly off in his zepplin into the sunset.

Hey, I can dream!


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Jul. 19th, 2008 09:32 am (UTC)

Except that thought I'm still going teary-eyed at it, I like the ending. I truly love the concept that each of the characters was exactly as advertised by their first introduction. Penny's altruistic and maybe not the brightest one on the street; Dr. Horrible is a nerdy villain whose goal was to get into the Evil League of Evil, Captain Hammer is good at being a superhero but is an ABSOLUTE jerk, and Bad Horse is...

... a horse. With a whinny. And everything.

Anything more would be in a way spoiling the effect that this simplicity has.

Then again, what I have heard of Joss Whedon, it might even happen.

Man, I do love this half hour or so of entertainment.
Jul. 20th, 2008 02:16 pm (UTC)
Oh, c'mon! This is classic Whedon! Haven't you noticed that the only conclusion to any love story in a Whedon tale some form of misery or personal hell. There was even an episode of Home On The Strange that addressed that.

So, Dr. Horrible is in his own personal hell, the only girl he had feelings for and thought he could love (or "loved from afar" if you prefer) is dead, and Captain Hammer has become a coward after feeling pain for the first time. I think as far as Joss's art is concerned, he has completed the mural he set out to paint.
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