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Royce's Random Thoughts

A Dark Journey Into Pointless Trivia

Royce Day
23 March 1969
Hi there! I'm Royce Easton Day, a forty-something amateur author blogging about life and my attempts to publish my work directly to you through the new media rather than conventional channels. Please feel free to check out my author page at Amazon.com.

In addition, I have two books available for sale in dead tree and PDF format at Lulu.com

The Dragon's Companion, an omnibus edition of Teal's Bargain, Teal's War and the soon to be converted Teal's Choice. 131 pages, US$10.00

Unexpected Diversions, following the intertwining tales of Tez, an immortal elf and Maria, a very much mortal wizard's construct as they find love and solace in a world where niether of them quite fit in. 220 pages, US$10.00

Or if you just enjoy reading my LiveJournal, please feel free to use the donation button below.